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Beth Yeshourun is a warm and welcoming Jewish community located in Cameroon, Africa, in a little town called SAA which is about one hour by car far from Yaounde (the capital city).

Isolated and Self-taught for many years, we recently got our isolation broken thanks to Kulanu whose two volunteers (Rabbi Gerald and Rabbanit Bonita Sussmans of the Synagogue Temple Emmanuel of New-York) visited us last summer.

We are dedicated to more engaged Jewish observance, to the love of Israel, the homeland of the Jews and We try to develop and maintain a spiritualy vibrant and mutually supportive community.

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Our history
Our vision
A word from the leader

Thank you for taking some time to visit our website.

My goal for Beth Yeshourun is to help building a sacred and vibrant community, as well as a prosper community that will contribute to Tikkun olam global efforts and to Make shine Judaism in Africa.

I adress a word of gratitude to Kulanu a very great hearted organization for the work it does to help us and to help many other Jewish communities around the world. I also say thank you to Rabbi Gerald and Rabbanit Bonita Sussman of Temple Emmanuel, in Staten Island, New-york who visited us last summer and are working together with Kulanu to open doors for us in the world's Jewish community.

Here in Beth Yeshourun, we root ourselves in Torah and share the love of Judaism through learning, practice and prayer. We also seek ways large and small to make our world a better place for all its people. I believe that task is the ultimate purpose of Judaism.

We hope you will enjoy our website and that you will think by soon to visit us.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any question, or would like to get more information about any aspect of our community.
You can email us to: sa_serges@yahoo.fr (please, copy and paste the address) or fill out the form on the right to contact us, and we will get back to you rapidily with information.


Serge ETELE.
Would you like to visit us?
We are always happy to welcome visitors. If you would like to visit us, do not hesitate, please, email sa_serges@yahoo.fr for arrangements. You will absolutely be welcome among us and we will try all our best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. If you are out of Cameroon, then, read Information for visitors to have an idea on procedures applicable to visit Cameroon.
Our Spiritual leadership
Moreh Nachman, spiritual chief of Beth Yeshurun

Throughout our history, we have been blessed by the guidance, the generousity and the wisdom of "Moreh Nachman", as he is Affectionately called. He leads Shabbath services and he has been supporting the community for so long! He offered the place where we hold our services (our home synagogue) and all he has, he makes it avaiable for the community.

Serge ETELE, spiritual leader of Beth Yeshurun

As he can learn from Internet and distant Rabbis, he provides Jewish teachings to the community, talmud Torah and Hebrew classes and works to connect his community to other communities and to bring it an international recognition.

Nazer- Cantor

One of cantors, he helps in conducting services and sometimes serves as ba'al koreh. He has self-composed hebrew songs.

David, cantor

He leads the choir, holds a music class where he teaches children how to play guitar or drums. He also composes nices hebrew, local languages and french songs and sometimes also serves as Ba'al Koreh.