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  • Serge Etele, the spiritual leader of Beth Yeshourun visited the United States of America during the winter 2012 for a 6 weeks Speaking tour around America. Learn more about this event here.

  • Kulanu found a voluteer to teach Torah chanting to young people of Beth Yeshourun and another volunteer to lead a women Torah study class.

  • Kulanu offered Serge Etele a one year Home Internet access to facilitate his work.

  • Kulanu offered Serge Etele a fantastic new computer to facilitate his work.

  • Daniel Suissa, a Donor from France offered Beth Yeshourun:

    • A French Shulchan Arukh
    • A traslitterated Chumash
    • A Talith + a Talith Katan
    • 10 books of Psalms
    • 3 Hebrew-French +translitteration Machzorim for Rosh Hashana
    • 4 Hebrew-French +translitteration Machzorim for Yom Kippur
    • 3 Hebrew-French +translitteration Machzorim for Sukkot
    • 10 Kippot
    • Books of Selichot
    • Books for Birkat Hamazone
    • Jewish Calendars
    • Lots of items for lighting candles or leading seder of Rosh Hashana, Pessach, haggadot, etc.
    • These gifts were in memory of:
      • Daniel ben Abraham Suissa
      • Zahra Suzanne bat Sultana
      • Yahia Emile ben Aïcha Zenou
      • Etoile Estella bat Mazal

  • David Marshall, a Donor from Canada offered Beth Yeshourun :

    • 02 Hebrew-French parayers books Taher Libénou
    • 01 Siddur Adat Shalom for Shabbath morning Service
    • 01 Siddur Adat Shalom for Kabbalat Shabbath Service

  • Kulanu offered Beth Yeshourun a one year Home Internet Connection.

  • The "Rabbinical Assembly" of New York sent Beth Yeshourun 18 Machzors for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. This action has been possible through the recommandation of Kulanu.

  • Rabbi Gerald and Rabbanit Bonita Sussman visited Beth Yeshourun last summer.
    Read some reports on this fantastic trip below: : Keeping the faith in Cameroon as Staten Island rabbi visits African nation
Published: Friday, November 05, 2010, 7:12 AM
..As far as vacation planning, Cameroon was no where on the horizon for Rabbi Gerald Sussman, spiritual leader of Congregation Temple Emanu-El in Port Richmond, and his wife, Rebbetzin Bonita Sussman. And yet, the couple spent two weeks there this summer in fellowship with a community of practicing Jews... read all

Kulanu's website:
Cameroon’s Beth Yeshourun Community Welcomes First Jewish Visitors
On March 28, 2010, Kulanu president Harriet Bograd received an email from a small community in Cameroon asking for Kulanu’s help in normalizing its Jewish practice and helping its members convert to Judaism. The message detailed some of the group’s religious observances, Read all

Kulanu's Fall Newsletter: Meet the Beth Yeshourun Congregation in Cameroon
Our fall newsletter features an article about Kulanu’s joyous encounter with the Beth Yeshourun Congregation in Cameroon, West Africa. This community has been practicing Judaism for twelve years, teaching themselves how to be observant Jews via the Internet and from correspondence with helpful rabbis, but... Read all