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Communal Kiddushim

We share all we have for Shabbatoth and holidays and we make a global Qiddush, so that weakness of some should be covered in the strength of others and no one should feel ashame. Those community Kiddushim with refreshments, held after services on Saturday mornings and on Festivals, also provides an opportunity for everyone to celebrate together and to maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere of community.

Choir and Music

We also express our Jewish identity through music and songs. Lot of them are self-composed. We offer concerts and some musical events for visitors when possible.

Jewish Continuity and Education

Talmud Torah and Education Classes

The rich variety of educational opportunities in the community throughout the year enables members to participate more fully in our services and Jewish life, to increase and to deepen their understanding of Judaism as well as their practice of Mitzvots.

Hebrew classes

Our Hebrew classes allow members of the community to learn Hebrew.

Jewish library

Located in our home Synagogue, our Jewish library is still under construction but is already rich of some books that are gifts from some genereous persons:

- We received some educational books from the Sussmans, a nice couple of Rabbis who vsited us last summer.

- Machzors for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur sent by The Rabbinical Assembly of New-york with the recommendation of Kulanu also recently came to enrich our rising library.