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You can support our community by many ways.

Contributions in all amounts will help Beth Yeshurun become a prosper communiuty as well as they will strenghten the three pillars supporting the life of our community: Torah (Jewish learning), Avodah (prayer) and Chesed (acts of loving kindness).

Your gifts can fulfill your desire to carry out the mitzvah of tzedakah, to commemorate special occasions or to honor the memories of loved ones. In any case, the community will be grateful for all gifts and, Unless you tell us you wish to remain anonymous, we will recognize gifts made by printing your name in the list of donors on the website and in other appropriate publications.

If you give for the building of our synagogue, Your name should also be mentioned at the dedication ceremony and we will mention it in special prayers during at least one Sahbbath or holiday.

You can chose a domain in wich you wish to support us. These are domains where you can help:

The Synagogue project (click to know more).

For years, we have been using a home synagogue for our services and would like now to have a dedicated house of worship. You can give for this project.

Communal Kiddushim

We use to have collective qiddushim on Shabbatot as well as on festivals. The aim of this is to help those needy among us to accomplish the mitzva even if they personnally have nothing. Those having put all together and then everyone can participate to seoudat mitzvah (required meals) for Shabbathot and festivals. You can give to help the community having a great meal on Shabbath or on a special holiday (Chanukkah, purim, Pessach, Rosh Hashana, etc.)

Tzedaka box

This tzedakah fund should chiefly help our youngs and children having higher education. Due to our conditions, young people have difficulties in completing their education and may stop schooling after the high school diploma (Baccalaureate), because university fees and expenses are out of our reach. A gift in this fund should help children having a complete education. It should also enable us to help shelter and treat medically those needy among us.

Our development projects (click to learn more).

Those projects aim to help Beth Yeshurun developping itself and becoming a prosper community. To learn more about our development projects, click on the link above.