Help Us Building our Dreams - Please, Support Our Synagogue Project

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Untill now, we have been using a home synagogue. We would now like to build a dedicated place of worship. We already have the land and even started making blocks for it. You can help us plant and build our house of study and prayer.

The building should include:
- The Synagogue itself, including furniture (US$40,000),
- A Qidush room, a room for our emerging and growing Jewish library and a study room at the first floor (US$17,000)
- Appartment with rooms for more visitors to have home hospitality at another floor (US$20,000.
- A forage to have water (US$3,000).

The total cost of this project is $80 000.

We will not wait until we get total capital needed for this project but, step by step, we will work so that our New home can rise from the ground and then grow.

We hope the construction to be started in few months and maybe, will we be able to move to our new temple before Rosh Hashana of next year. As the project will be progressing, you will find regular further updates and photos on this website.

The building of this home that we want to be beautiful, serene and spiritually uplifting will be exciting and transformative for our community for We will be creating not just a new building, but also a new future for our community.

You would like to donate or raise funds for this project? Please contact by sending us an email to You can also contact Kulanu.

All the gifts will be recognize on the website and in other appropriate publications.