Visit Beth Yeshourun

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We are always happy to welcome visitors. If you would like to visit us, do not hesitate, please, contact us for arrangements. You will absolutely be welcome among us and we will try all our best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. If you are out of Cameroon, then, below are some helpful Information to prepare you trip.


Located in Central Africa (Americans say in West Africa), Cameroon is often referred to as "Africa in miniature”. This statement certainly rings true, as you can find here everything you would expect from the African continent; tropical rainforests, deserted golden beaches, great expanses of desert, vast lakes and savannah, and volcanic mountains in-between.

Cameroon offers a wealth of activities and beautiful destinations to keep the adventurous traveller enthralled. From its verdant rainforests to its powerful creatures, this country is bursting with life;
Cameroon is mostly a safe destination although some areas (borders areas) can be dangerous because of regular armed banditry or carjackings that occur in these areas.
There is a no threat from terrorism.
Cameroon is primarily a cash economy. Credit cards have limited acceptability in Cameroon and of the range of credit cards Visa is the most widely accepted.


You need a visa to come to Cameroon.

First requirement is to have a Yellow fever vaccination.

Then, you can get the address of the Cameroonian embassy in your country by doing research on Google on that topic.

The website will give you all the requirements for a visa application.

They use to be the same as those listed below (appart from visa fees that differ).



01. Original passport with validity period of at least six (6) months after the projected expiration date of the visa;

02. Two (02) application forms to be completed and signed by the applicant; In the case of under-aged persons, the application must be signed by the legal guardian;

03. Two (02) passport-size photographs with white background (BOTH EARS MUST BE SEEN);

04. An application fee paid in Cash (only for applications submitted in person to the Embassy) or in the form of a money order, certified check or a check drawn from a business bank account.

05. A visa fee submitted separately, paid in cash (only for applications submitted in person to the Embassy) or in the form of a money order, certified check or a check drawn from a business bank account.

06. Copy of the vaccination certificate showing proof of yellow fever immunization.


a) For tourists: (1) Copy of round-trip tickets, or documents from airline or travel agency confirming that a reservation has been made , that return trip tickets have been purchased or that a ticket for continuing the journey is available; (2) Bank statement from prospective traveler or proof of sufficient resources to be used during stay in Cameroon;(Visa duration: Up to Thirty (30) days)

b) For visitors: (1) Certificate of accommodation issued by the inviting party, and undersigned by Administrative or Immigration authorities; (2) Copy of round-trip tickets or airlines or travel agency receipt bearing the traveler’s name; Warranty of repatriation is requested when applying for a Long Stay visa; (Visa duration: Up to Six (6) months)

c) For travelers on business: (1) Company letter guaranteeing financial and legal responsibilities while in Cameroon. (2) Legalized letter of introduction from thoroughly identified business partner(s) in Cameroon, or contract of employment between traveler(s) and partner (s) in Cameroon, undersigned by Administrative Authorities in both cases; (3) In the visa application form, indicate exact address and telephone number of contact(s) in Cameroon; (Visa duration: Up to Six (6) months)

d) For students: (1) Acceptation letter from a recognized school in Cameroon; (2) Letter from US school acknowledging the student’s trip to Cameroon and eventually guaranteeing financial and legal responsibilities for the student while in Cameroon;

e) For diplomats, government officials, and members of international organizations with diplomatic or official passports: Official request from Government or International Governmental Organization; warrant for mission or mission order;

f) For transit: (1) Copy of tickets, or documents from airline or travel agency confirming that a reservation has been made and that a ticket for continuing the journey is available, (2) Visa from the country of destination;(Visa duration: Up to Five (5) days)

g) For all types of visa: any other document or information to be requested by the Embassy.

For minors traveling to Cameroon: in addition to the aforementioned requirements, the following documents are also needed:

1) Notarized letter of support jointly signed by both parents or legal guardians agreeing with the trip and specifying who will be traveling with the child;

2) A copy of passport pages bearing photo and validity information;

3) This also applies to any third party taking a child to Cameroon on behalf of the parents.
Application forms can be obtained from the Embassy or downloaded from the Embassy website:

These are some Cameroonian embassies websites:

* In USA:
* In South Africa:
* In France:
* In UK:
* In Israel:
* In Canada:
* Other countries: find here

Visitors visa is recommendable.


Two kinds of housing are avaiable: Hotel and home hospitality.

For hotel, These are costs for hotels in Yaounde (the capital city of Cameroon) and SAA (the town were Beth Yeshurun is located and that is one hour far from Yaounde):

For home hospitality, you will need to make a contribution to the host family, depending on the duration of your stay.

Other costs to prepare to:
- Local Transportations during your stay:
- Communications (Internet or Telephone):