Why Jews do not believe to Jesus?

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When seeking to understand why Jews do not believe in Jesus, there are many absolutely serious reasons found.

- First of all, the messiah announced by the prophecies should descend from David however, by the admission of the New Testament itself, Jesus was not a descendant of David, since he has no human father and was born by the power of the Holy Spirit. That was something truly remarkable, but that did not accomplish prophecies. In addition,

- The Messiah must rebuild the temple, but Jesus was born at a time there was a temple, and he even predicted its destruction instead.

- He must bring deliverance to Israel and the coming of Jesus has brought only trouble and misfortune to the Jewish people who suffered the Inquisition, the Holocaust, many anti-Semitic acts and humiliations caused by Christians, that is to say the followers of Jesus.

- He must bring a reign of peace, yet, Jesus says positively: "I came to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already kindled.(Lk. 12, 49) Then he said that he came not to bring peace to the erath but division (Luke 12, 51), that there will now be war between father and son, mother and daughter, etc.. And he also predicts an era of great turmoil and great misfortunes;

- Finally, the messiah is not intended to be worshiped as G. because he is not God, but a man anointed by G. to accomplish a mission.

Anyway, we see that Jesus did not even fulfilled the basic criteria for the Jews to suspect him as the messiah foretold by the prophets. Some performed miracles are not sufficient to declare someone to be the Messiah. Even magicians and false prophets perorm miracles.

These are some of the reasons for which Jews do not believe to Jesus.